Zolert -

Trusted Automotive Technologies.

Welcome to Zolert, a brand that offers a wide range of high-quality automobile parts for all makes and models. Our product portfolio includes a variety of components, such as engine and transmission gaskets and seals, timing gear components, piston groups, cooling and air conditioning components, and many others.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to sourcing products from leading European and Asian factories and providing them at an excellent price. Our corporate philosophy is centered around customer orientation, motivation, and sustainability. We believe that these values are the cornerstone of our success and help us to maintain our reputation for providing reliable and trustworthy products to our customers.


Our products are the result of a harmonious combination of proven production technologies and expertise. We are continuously engaged in the development of our rapidly growing market and are driven by both market demands and technical progress.


Our philosophy is centered around our customers, their satisfaction and stability. We strive to offer well-balanced solutions that combine proven technologies and high qualification, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible products and services.